On June 8, 2011, we were driving up to Carol
Stream, IL to deliver a load of beds to the UPS
Fulfillment Center there. My wife was suffering
excruciating pain in her shoulder. She had been to a
chiropractor several times and got no relief, in fact, the
last visit left her in worse pain. I had to do
SOMETHING for her so, I said a little prayer and did a
Google search for a massage therapist in Carol Stream.
Providentially, I found Linda at Massage Clinique.
She was only a few blocks from where I was to deliver
the next day. I sent Linda an email to make an
appointment for my wife to get a massage. Within 5
minutes, I got a call from her and she pencilled her in
for a 6 p.m. appointment. At the time, I was still driving
in Indiana and I could not be certain with commuter
traffic and all, when exactly I would arrive. Linda was
very willing to be flexible and accommodating of our
schedule (or lack thereof). We got there earlier than
anticipated and Linda brought us right in ahead of our
appointment time. I came into the very comfortable
massage room with my wife and was seated on a
comfortable couch while Linda began working her
magic on my very pain-wracked little wife. Almost
immediately, we felt as though we were visiting with an
old friend. Linda has a warm, compassionate, loving,
caring heart and it is so transparently obvious
that she LOVES her work. I was hesitant to ask her for
an hour massage for myself after she got done with my
wife because I hadn't mentioned my own aches and pains
before and because I am very aware that giving a good
therapeutic one hour massage is hard work. She may not
be up to 2 solid hours of hard labor without much of a
break. She was not only willing, but delighted to
accommodate me too. At the end of my wife's massage,
she was pain free for the first time in months! I got the
best massage in my life from Linda. I too had shoulder
pain that the chiropractor couldn't touch, along with
low back pain that always seemed to be with me. We left
Linda's office feeling better than we had in a very long
time! We felt taller and lighter and we immediately
took a half hour walk without pain! If you live on the
Chicago metro area or are visiting there, give yourself a
treat and get an excellent massage from an experienced,
caring and EFFECTIVE therapist at Massage Clinique.
We will be back!
by Mary Ellen and Alan
Thank you all, for your
dedication and
your heartfelt
Dear Linda,
I just wanted to share how grateful I am for
your services. With tendon repair- reflex
sympathetic dystrophy and adhesions
starting to form making walking very painful
and going down stairs impossible. After a 45
minute foot massage I was able to walk
down the stairs in my home normally  
for the first time in 4 months!!
Since the first time I stopped in for a total
body massage, I was in awe of how you
seemed to know exactly what I needed and left
feeling 100% better than I had in over a year.
I highly recommend Massage Clinique
and am telling all my friends to stop in
and just give you a try, they wont regret it.
I know I haven't. You have a life long
customer in me. :)
God Bless,
Carrissa Butts
Just wanted to let you know
that I am extremely pleased
with the deep tissue massage
therapy I am getting from
Raj. She is very friendly
and willing to explain
what she is doing.
Under Raj’s knowledgeable
and healing hands within a
few sessions the pain has
significantly diminished. I
am able to work the whole
week with just one 30 minute
session with Raj.
I always leave your office with
a relaxed and healing
experience. I give her my
highest recommendation.

Umesh Prabhu
Hi Linda,

I wanted to send you a note to let you know how effective the
deep tissue massage has been for me in resolving an issue
that I've had for at least 10 years.  As you know I play ice
hockey, roller hockey and also ref ice hockey.  I usually skate
around 8 to 12 time per week which is a lot of skating for
anyone.  However, I do workout to maintain body strength
and perform many stretches in order to be able to skate this
much.   In the last 10 years I started having pain in the hip
flexors and all around my right hip and pelvis area on the
back.  At times the pain was so bad I couldn't stand.   My
performance on the ice suffered greatly and there were times
I simply couldn't do it.   After seeing and orthopedic doctor
for 8 years and engaging in physical therapy I did get some
relief but it would always come back.   Last year I decided to
see Chiropractor and combined with intense physical
therapy I did get significant relief but my performance on
the ice was still noticeably slower.   By chance I was in CT
and my nephew who is a licensed massage therapist gave a
me a deep tissue massage on my back and neck.   I was very
sore for about a week but he suggested that I continue this
regime because I will find relief.  That's when I found
Massage Clinique.   The first session with you was very good
and focused on finding all the problem areas that included
my hip flexors and hamstrings which I have always been told
are very tight.   It's been about 3 sessions and all I can say is
that I have noticed a significant improvement in my skating
ability and stamina.   I have always had pain after skating
and ice it down.   I no longer have pain but I still ice down.  
The jump in my step is noticeable and I am outskating kids
half my age.  It's a great feeling and I can honestly say this
has been the single best therapy for me.   Thank you.


Someone once asked me what sets Linda apart
helped me feel at ease in a way the other therapists
didn't. And in order to receive all the benefits of
Massage Therapy, it helps if you can relax.
Secondly, and most importantly, she truly cares
about her clients. Over the years, Linda researched
the different diagnosis' Dr's came up with to explain
my pain to see what she could do for me, and tried
many different techniques to relieve my pain.
I know she does this for all her clients.
I have met many of them, and it's easy to see that
they trust her,  and think of her more as a friend
than a therapist. How many Dr's can we
say about that about?
I have always enjoyed massages here at home
and on vacations. I was pleased to hear that
Massage Clinique opened in a convenient
location in Carol Stream. I have had both
hands-on massage and Lypossage, and I am
extremely pleased with the results.

I would absolutely recommend Massage Clinique
for its soothing atmosphere, personal touch,
and their respect  for privacy during treatments.
Bobbie Saverino
I have had neck and shoulder tension/pain for 5 years now. I have been to multiple message
therapists, all of whom rubbed my knots without changing a thing. It felt good while they were
rubbing, but I was just as tense the next day. In the 2 years that I have been seeing Linda, I have
found relief. With each treatment, my muscles are more pliable and the knots are unraveling.
Linda finds the tension spots and, somehow, gets the muscles to let go. And it lasts.
The muscles stay relaxed. The difference with Linda is, you
don't just feel better, you are better!
Debra Noble
I suffer chronic pain from stress.
The therapists at Massage Clinique
Through weekly sessions, I am able to enjoy my
life again. Prior to finding Massage Clinique,
I went to a few therapists at well-renowned
clinics, and not one came even close to the level
of expertise on experiences from the
therapists at Massage Clinique.
I am loyal to the Massage Clinique simply
because they have proven to be the best.
Julie Gracz
Best. Chiropractor. Ever: Dr. James Dean
at Massage Clinique in Carol Stream. 630-
decade’s worth of neck/back pain
permanently. A true healer!
I HIGHLY recommend him.

Best. Massage Therapist. Ever:
Linda Keen/ Massage Clinique/
Phone: 630-933-0003.
Linda has been working with me for
years, helping to relieve chronic neck/
back pain. She has done a tremendous
job in making me feel better every week.
She has an amazing heart and she
an amazing person. Another great healer.
I HIGHLY recommend her!
I met Linda in 2000. I had been suffering from severe,
debilitating pain for two years, and had been told that
massage might help. I had been to massage therapists
before, and they did help, but massage therapy was
expensive, and I wasn't really comfortable with the
therapists. A friend told me that the Park District
where I worked had Massage Therapists,
so I made an appointment.
By divine providence, I was set up with Linda. Within 15
minutes, I felt at ease, and we talked like old friends.
Before I knew it, the appointment was over. She
suggested a massage every two weeks to help ease the
pain, and I've been seeing her every two weeks ever since.
I have had received massages for years and Linda is by
far the BEST! The place is very warm and comfortable.
They really are would highly recommend them for
anyone who wants a real massage not just someone
rubbing you and trying to sell you products.
Just make sure you leave a time slot for me.
Tim A.
Clinique in Carol Stream. Linda, the owner, is the best
massage therapist, ever. I work a physical job and
suffer many aches and pains, plus age and the cold
weather and stress put a toll on my body. I have went
there three time now and feel like a new person
when I leave her beautiful spa like facility.
She is a true healer.
Terry R